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Anunna is a High Performance Computer (HPC) infrastructure hosted by Wageningen University & Research Centre. It is open for use for all WUR research groups as well as other organizations, including companies, that have collaborative projects with WUR.

Using Anunna

Gaining access to Anunna

Access to the cluster and file transfer are traditionally done via SSH and SFTP.

Access Policy

Main Article: Access Policy

Access needs to be granted actively (by creation of an account on the cluster by FB-IT). Use of resources is limited by the scheduler. Depending on availability of queues ('partitions') granted to a user, priority to the system's resources is regulated. Note that the use of Anunna is not free of charge. List price of CPU time and storage, and possible discounts on that list price for your organisation, can be retrieved from Shared Research Facilities or FB-IT.


  • Upcoming courses on 23rd + 30th June!
  • Linux Basic - 23rd June
  • HPC Basic - 30th June
  • Courses that have happened and are happening
  • Downtime that will affect all users
  • Meetings that may affect the policies of Anunna

Other Software

Cluster Management Software and Scheduler

Anunna uses Bright Cluster Manager software for overall cluster management, and Slurm as job scheduler.

Installation of software by users

Installed software

Useful Notes

Being in control of Environment parameters

Controlling costs


Product Owner of Anunna is Alexander van Ittersum (Wageningen UR,FB-IT, C&PS). Gwen Dawes (Wageningen UR, FB-IT, C&PS) and Jan van Haarst (Wageningen UR,FB-IT, C&PS) are responsible for Maintenance and Management of the cluster.


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